“I cannot draw to save my life”

I often hear this said, but it is not true.  Anyone can learn to draw.  You may not end up with an exhibition at the Royal Academy, but you can learn to put something down on paper that is recognisable.

Stephen has been inspecting historic buildings for c.35 years, but drawing and sketching since he could hold a pencil (including a few art commissions over the years). During his professional work he has found that the ability to quickly sketch something has proven invaluable. In some instances, e.g., when discussing a repair with a builder on site, a quick sketch conveys more than pages of words.

The day will be one of learning, but with some fun. We will remove the fear of the blank page and learn about mark making.  We will explore methods to gauge proportions and provide roughly to scale plans and elevations.  There will be practical exercises throughout the day (paper and pencils will be provided).  During a town walk we will practice making quick sketches of buildings.  At the end of the day we will bring things together to see how the ability to sketch and draw will be helpful in your day to day working life.

An advantage of this day is that the training is held in an historic building and town so that we have real life examples to work with.

The number of places are limited to 20 for each day.

The day provides c. 7 hours CPD.

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