Developing Confidence
in Building Conservation

My services are for professionals in the world of property and real estate, wanting to add to their knowledge, broaden their skillset, change career direction, or simply out of interest.
I focus on Building Conservation, but look at various aspects of surveying buildings of all types and ages.


I offer small group and corporate training, 

whether on site, at chosen venues, or online. 

1-2-1 training, coaching, and mentoring, can also be delivered.

Bespoke training prepared to suit specific requirements.



Why use me?

I have spent much of my working life ensuring that, as far as possible, I undertake work that I enjoy. We spend most of our life working, so why not enjoy it? I have spent my whole life asking questions (just ask my family!).

I am by nature inquisitive and like to discover why things were built, how they survived over the years, and what is required to retain them for the benefit of others.

I now wish to impart what I have learned over the years and encourage others to get into a fascinating and enjoyable area of work – dealing with historic buildings.

The benefits
of my services

40+ Years Experience

General and building surveying, planning and legal work

Vast industry knowledge

Experience on a wide range of property types and periods

Targeted Training

Coaching, Training, and/or Mentoring tailored to suit you

Information delivery

Brings about greater understanding and helps you to become better informed.

Proactive engagement

Better focus and enabling you to become confident with building conservation.

Unlocking potential

You will be inspired and motivated and this will bring about increased confidence.

Be part of a growing community

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Design and technology hackathon

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become a successful business

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The container summer party

21:00 - 02:00

“Conservation is not just about looking backwards at the history of a building or site; it is much more about looking forwards and ensuring a future for the building or site.”