Continuing Professional Development

Content provides regular CPD.  Over the course of a year it is likely that you will gain at least 6 hours CPD; the equivalent of attending a single day CPD course.

Live Q&A

Once a month a live Q&A session.

Private Facebook Group

Join in discussions, share information and news, ask questions, seek help, look out for collaborations, share research projects, and promote your skills to other heritage conservation professionals.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions, because during your application process you will be asked to confirm that you have read them and are prepared to abide by them.

Community Rules

With regard the Facebook Group there are rules that you will be required to abide by.  Please ensure you have read these.


You appreciate that this is a private community specifically aimed at supporting professionals and consultants in the Heritage sector.  Those with a professional interest in Heritage Conservation are welcome, including anyone who is just setting out in their exploration and understanding of heritage conservation (i.e. students).

In order to preserve the ethos of this community it is felt appropriate that a joining procedure be adopted.  Therefore, you are asked to complete a brief application form.

A successful applicant will be sent a link that takes them to a payment web page, followed by an onboarding process that will then allow access to the community.  The onboarding process is very similar to the application form, but will form part of a members directory within the community.