Grade II* Country House

Defect Analysis, Repairs, & Surveys

My involvement with this building began a couple of decades ago.  The owner at the time was concerned about active Death Watch Beetle.  My inspection confirmed that there was an issue and it related to the cement render, particularly on the north side.  Concern was also expressed about the condition of the chimneys.


Repairs took place and with some areas this involved removal of the cement render, frame repair and re-render with lime render, but to the north elevation it was decided to completely render over the frame.  The reason for this was to give additional protection from prevailing weather.  During the works the chimneys were checked and some careful repair took place.


A few years later that first client sold the property, and I undertook a survey for the purchaser (with the original client’s agreement).


After a decade or so that client decided to move on, and the new purchaser asked me to survey.  Again, with the original client’s consent, I undertook the survey. I found that the repairs had fared well with no noticeable deterioration.