Appletree Cottage

Grade II Listed Cottage

Survey, Repairs & Extension

I was instructed to undertake a pre-purchase survey some years ago.  At that time I found limited evidence of Death Watch Beetle and advised that the primary problem was the cement render and moisture becoming trapped. I recommended that within the short to medium term the render would have to be removed, re-rendering with lime render carried out, and the problem dealt with.


Some five years later that client sold the property and a surveyor friend of mine undertook a pre-purchase survey for the prospective purchaser.  He found that the Death Watch Beetle had spread and was now a more pressing concern, particularly as the re-rendering had not been carried out. 


That couple proceeded to purchase, but as that surveyor did not deal with project work, and they knew of my past involvement, Whitworth (where I was a partner at the time) was instructed to deal with the re-rendering and repairs.  In addition, as the new clients also wanted to make changes and an extension, my colleagues and I were also instructed to obtain listed building consent (and planning permission) for the works.  We then dealt with the contract administration for the various repairs and extension.


When the main gable was stripped we found evidence of active Death Watch Beetle in two areas and the repairs required were relatively minor, with some face repair and localised treatment (boron rods).  To other elevations very little active infestation was found and repairs were limited.


At the opposite end to where the main problem had been found we exposed some poorly executed past alterations and some crude infilling.  As permission had been obtained for a door to replace a window the frame was repaired, infilling removed and a new door formed.


At the rear a new extension was created.