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Services & Pricing

Over the years I have found that we all need differing assistance to achieve our goals.  On this page you will find a series of services that I have put together in the anticipation that you will find something to suit your requirements.  Please also bear in mind that the training course outlined  ‘The Three Ps of Building Conservation’ could also be used to form an outline for individual coaching and training whether as a whole or individual elements of it.

Key service benefits







Training & Workshop days

£ 125 from £125 per person per day
  • Periodically I arrange training and workshop days myself, but I also work in collaboration with others to deliver training and workshops.
  • Subjects I have delivered on in the past and are presently arranged include: timber frames, brick buildings, moisture, report writing.
  • On the Events page I will put details of days as and when they are arranged.  These will include links to the relevant Ticket Tailor booking site.
  • These days usually provide between 6 and 7 hours CPD.


£ 800 from £800 plus expenses per day
  • I will discuss with the client what they are expecting and agree the subjects for the day.  I will prepare any material required and lead the day.  The venue will need to be discussed and agreed, whether in the client’s offices, at a venue I find, or at a property/site/venue the client finds. 
  • These days normally provide 6 to 7 hours CPD.


£ 200 from £200
  • These are normally delivered via Zoom and I record them for the client to use later, if desired.  I will prepare the content and deliver a talk for around 45-60 minutes. Depending on numbers attending I can take questions and have discussions during this, but with larger groups it is often better to have a Q&A session at the end.
  • Each session would normally provide 1 hour CPD.

1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring

£ 100 from £100 per

I am happy to hold an initial free consultation to establish what the client wants from the sessions.  We can agree whether it is a single session required and for how long, or whether a series of sessions over time.  Each session is usually an hour.

Report & Assessment Guidance

£ 300 £300 for two

The client provides one or two reports in advance. If I need more information, I will ask for it. I will go through the reports and prepare a critique. We will then hold a session via Zoom that I will record.  We will discuss the reports and I will ask questions and make suggestions as to how I believe the reports could perhaps be improved. It will be up to the client how that receive the critique and what they do about it. During the session we can also discuss the inspection process, note taking and how the reports are prepared.

I have experience of dealing with those who might be dyslexic.

Heritage Conservation Community

£ 100 £100 per annum for founding membership

Heritage Conservation Community is a new approach to multi-disciplinary networking for the worldwide Heritage sector. A community in which we share experience in order that we all gain, but where heritage is the primary benefactor. Where members can develop, or commence, their career in heritage conservation.

Home Ancestry

£ 100 from £100 per artwork
  • A line of art that is personal and unique for every client.
  • Line and watercolour paintings that show a few buildings of meaning and importance for the client.  This may be houses they have lived in but for one client I recently did childhood home, wedding venue and present home – so three places that mean something to the individual.
  • For most of these paintings 3 or 4 buildings work best.  Contact me to discuss a possible commissioned painting.

Building Conservation Summer School


Over 20 years ago Marianne Suhr and I devised the idea of a Summer School to help provide an introduction to building conservation. Originally delivered through RICS and with SPAB support, in recent years Marianne and I have been joined by Duncan Philips and we now deliver the Summer School as a ‘not for profit’ venture.

In addition to the Summer School we are working on specific specialised conferences.

Were you looking for something else?

If you feel your needs may be different and best served by something other than the above services, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.

Call (+44) 07836795474 or Email